What is ACH Spokane?

Adult Children of Hoarders is a peer-to-peer recovery and support group whose mission it is to provide a safe place to discover, share, and overcome the negative effects of growing up in the home with a hoarding parent. This is done by sharing information and experiences with one another and by applying to their own lives, in whole or in part, the Twelve Steps which constitute the recovery program upon which Alcoholics Anonymous and numerous other recovery groups are founded. Our vision is that all “COH” (children of hoarders) will have access to and an opportunity for personal recovery.


2 thoughts on “What is ACH Spokane?

  1. Rocco says:

    Ceci having been following your blog for some time, and find it and other such blogs great and inspirational too. My girlfriend of 5 years and her 3 siblings grew up with a hoarding parent and semi-absent parent and at the moment I am the only person outside the family who knows the story. I at times felt hopeless in my quest to help and support not the parents but the adult children. However through counselling I hope it is making me stronger in my support of my girlfriend. My dilemma is that having seen the benefits counselling has had on me should the siblings be approached to have counselling ” even though their mother took them to counselling when they were children”. The fact is apart from my girlfriend none of them have careers or have settled down though they are in education though are procrastinating and the longer this carries on the more I fear they will rely on their eldest sibling, and us for total support. Keep up the good work.


    • achspokane says:

      Rocco–My goal is not to give advice, but I think you already know the right thing to do. Many people find counselling helpful, although it may take time for them to find and connect with a good provider. Also, please remember that although you know the benefits of counseling and want them to get help, like their HP, they have to see a need and a desire to get help. It’s tough to watch when someone I care about struggles over and over with something that I know they could get help for, yet don’t. I have a lifetime full of these kind of relationships. I’m only now beginning to understand that I can be available without pushing or trying to guilt someone else to change. That’s why I continue to show up for a group that is a group of one! I believe that in the right time, others like me will join in and work together for a better future. Thank you for commenting and being a supportive part of their lives. You might be the first person to act this way towards them!

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