Why do I need recovery?

Perhaps you’ve seen “Hoarders” or “Hoarding: Buried Alive” for the first time, and suddenly it hits you…this is how I grew up! I never knew anyone else grew up like this!?!And while you feel some safety in realizing you’re not alone, you still feel crippled by the past. Perhaps your parent still hoards, maybe they’ve passed on and left the mess for you to clean, and maybe you have cut all ties to their hoarding. You realize somewhere within you there is an ache to feel safe, loved, and accepted.And maybe you realize that some of the same things your parents did that you swore you wouldn’t do, well…you’re doing them! It drives you crazy that you see them in yourself today.

But we don’t have to live  this way. Together, we can learn healthy habits, enjoy and love who we are, and be proud of the people we’ve become.

We can’t fix our parents, and we won’t try, but we can discover our own broken habits and by taking baby steps, experimenting with a new way, we can become all that we dream of being!


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