Mental Health/Social Service Professionals

This page is a jumping off point to find articles, links, and other pertinent information about hoarding and related family issues. Please check back; we update resource links regularly.

Table–Questions to ask the child of a suspected hoarder (added 11/29/11)

Article: The Hidden Lives of Children of Hoarders, by Dr. Suzanne Chabaud (added 11/29/11)

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2 thoughts on “Mental Health/Social Service Professionals

  1. cendecon says:

    Hi there. I was hoping to be added to your resource page? I realize that you are in WA and we only service CA at this point. A little about me and my own personal experience with hoarding from a child’s eyes.

    Perhaps this is a shameless plug, but I own a hoarding cleanup company ( ) and have worked with hundreds of hoarders and family members of hoarders. My childhood best friend’s mom was a hoarder and at my young age, I didn’t understand it. My best friend was so ashamed and it took her years to ever let me see her house. I remember trying to help her clean dishes that over took the kitchen and bathroom. Unfortunately, my friend passed away at 21, but I wonder if I found my calling because of her?

    Happy holidays my heart goes out to your and your family.

  2. Martha Goss says:

    Awesome job Ceci! Thanks for being there and starting this group 🙂

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